A podcast about oppressed parents raising free children

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Season One


“Mom, I think I’m gay”

“Can you tell Grandma?” How we can be open, honest and supportive of our children when it comes to gender & sexuality.


Bills, bills, bills

How do you teach black children financial literacy while acknowledging America’s widening racial wealth gap?


“I brought you into this world… and I can take you out”

How do we discipline our children, compared to how we ourselves were disciplined? Is corporal punishment effective, or damaging? Do we want our children to fear us?


Bumpin’ ends

Hair can be a full-time job for black parents. We get real about the politics and historical traditions of black hair, and how the relationship parents have with their own hair impacts their relationship with their children’s hair.


Because the internet...

How should you monitor your child’s internet use? At what age should they be allowed to use social media?


Parenting is a team sport

This week: we talk about co-parenting. How do you maintain healthy relationships with your partner while also sharing the responsibilities of parenting?


Are the kids alright?

How should you tackle the nuanced topic of mental health with yourself & your child(ren)?


“Play dates are racist” 

As black parents, how do we navigate the world of playdates? What happens when the complicated issue of race arises between kids and/or parents?


Hey, auntie!

On the joys of being an auntie, and the importance aunties in black families.



About Raising Rebels


Our Goal

To create a village by sharing our stories, challenging our thinking and asking lots of questions.


Raising Rebels is a parenting podcast featuring courageous conversations with real parents.

Parenting can be so lonely. Our work is to encourage children to be fully themselves in a society that doesn’t always celebrate them.   

This season, we tackle everything from sexuality and race, to co-parenting and money, all with the goal of liberating our children. 


Our Host

Noleca Radway

As Executive Director of Brooklyn Free School and host of the Raising Rebels podcast, Noleca Radway helps parents, children and marginalized people tell their story within a social justice context.  

She considers the ability to make connections between people, philosophies, and dimensions her personal superpower, and attributes it to being a Bronx-raised, first-generation Black Jamaican wife, mother, teacher, educator, and Octavia Butler fan.  Noleca received her BA in English from Howard University.  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Homero, and their three children. 

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